Who Pays for Medical Bills in a Personal Injury Case?

While personal injury laws vary from state to state, the medical bills accrued in a personal injury case will be considered part of the settlement. The settlement will include compensation for pain and suffering, as well as reimbursement for medical bills already paid and anticipation of future medical bills related to the incident.

If the negligent party is insured, medical bills may be compensated by their insurance company depending on the incident, type of insurance the negligent party has, and coverage. The incident in which the negligent party is liable may take any number of forms, from work injuries and slip and falls, to car accidents and dog bites. 

So, the short answer is rather unsatisfying, because it depends on the situation! In some instances, the negligent party’s insurance company covers all medical costs related to the accident, but in others, the insurance company will only pay until the limits of coverage. Regardless, it is always smart to hire an experienced and trustworthy personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are fairly compensated and well taken care of! 
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