Workplace Injuries

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A serious on-the-job or workplace injury is defined as an injury resulting in an employee missing six or more days of work. The top five causes of workplace injuries are:

Overexertion – excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, or throwing of an object.

Falls – on the same level or to a lower level.

Body Reaction – bending, climbing, slipping or tripping without falling.

Struck by An Object – such as a tool falling from above.

Repetitive Motion – repeated stress or strain.

Work injuries cost Americans $156.2 billion. That amounts to $1,120 per worker. The majority of Americans injured on the job only recover 12-35% of the salary they lost while unable to work. If you or a family member has suffered a workplace injury, we can help you. We have the experience, the skill and expertise necessary to represent you.

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