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Were you hit by a drunk driver? We hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions. Every year hundreds of people are injured and killed in alcohol-related accidents nationwide

If you, or a family member, were unfortunate enough to be involved in a drunk driving accident give our injury lawyers at Jacobs and Jacobs a call at 1 866 289 4357 or click link below to get your free case review at no obligation to you.

Every year, hundreds of people are injured and killed in alcohol related accidents nationwide. Navigating what to do after a car accident can feel daunting, especially when the incident involves someone who was under the influence. We at Jacobs and Jacobs hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions so that you are compensated for your injuries after the collision.


Immediately call 911 to request assistance. You should never leave the scene of the accident, particularly even if damage seems minor and there are no visible injuries. Wait for the authorities to arrive on scene.

Get as much information as possible. Only approach the other driver if it is safe to do so. Use your best judgement and exchange information. If they appear disgruntled or try to leave the scene, simply report their license plate number, make/model of the vehicle and what direction they’ve traveled in.

Document damage to the vehicle, yourself and the other vehicle involved. Be sure to not interfere with authorities or first responders when taking photos/video of the collisions results.

Get a police statement. This will include a case number, which will create a reference for your situation, and will be a helpful tool when filing a claim with your insurance company and contacting an attorney.

Contact your insurance company. File your claim with your insurance company and provide them with all of the evidence you’ve gathered, including the police statement, damages, and the other involved parties. The quicker you file your claim, the faster your insurance company will be able to take care of your case. Your insurance company will finish the claim and advise you how to move forward.

Contact our injury lawyers at Jacobs and Jacobs to get a free consultation regarding your case, with no obligation to you. Our team of expert attorneys are ready to assist you during this complicated time. We have extensive experience with drunk driving accidents, and will advocate for your case so that you are compensated for your personal injuries, automobile damages, and recovery time.

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