Why Choose Jacobs and Jacobs?

At Jacobs and Jacobs, we are a highly reputable personal injury law firm in Washington State. We are proud to be known for our years of experience representing tens of thousands of injury claims. We understand how difficult it can be dealing with an injury as it is – choosing the right attorney shouldn’t add more stress to your situation. That’s why we thought we’d share some successes from real clients to help you make a quick, informed decision.


We educate our clients during the claim filing process.


Jacobs & Jacobs are an awesome law firm. I couldn’t ask for a better team to handle my case. Upon meeting them they were very gracious, attentive and explained everything to me. They got started on my case right away. Very professional. When I left their office I felt a ton of weight come off my shoulders, I knew I was in good hands. Be patient with them, they get the job done and take care of what you need done. 

– Connie


We take care of everything so you can focus on healing.


My daughter and I were sideswiped by another driver and totaled my car. My chiropractor (North Hill Chiropractic) recommended Jacobs & Jacobs. From the start they were professional, prompt, caring people and answered my questions. It was so nice to know that we were in good hands. Thank you to everyone at Jacobs & Jacobs for taking care of everything so we could focus on healing!

– Melody


We can schedule appointments by Zoom or phone.


Under the circumstances it was a great experience having them on my side to help get the best settlement possible to pay the bills from my accident. They made everything stress free that allowed me to focus on everyday life with my 3 year old. Thank you for all of your help.

– Donna


We make sure you get the most suitable outcome.


The whole team at Jacobs & Jacobs took care of me and my case with great professionalism. I strongly believe that they fought really hard to get me what I deserved after my accident and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend them.

– Bonnie


We handle a large variety of injury cases.


I would recommend Jacobs & Jacobs to help with car accident claims. I had a concussion, whiplash and post-concussive syndrome that lasted over six months, during Covid, with limited access to healthcare. Jacobs & Jacobs never rushed me to close, supported my choices to continue to seek care and find resolution to mis-diagnosed pain.

– Sarah


We are even experienced in workers compensation.


The outcome of my case was better than I had anticipated.  I was rear ended (Feb 2020) in my work truck, and was very worried about Washington State’s LnI ability to get me back to pre-accident status. The J&J attorney (Adam D.) assigned to me was great. He and his paralegal team were very helpful with all of my concerns and questions.  If the time ever comes that I need an injury lawyer again, there is no question, I will be hiring J&J again.

– James


We provide clear, consistent, and timely communication.


I was injured when my vehicle was hit in a high-speed rear-end car accident while vacationing out of state and I’m so glad I chose Jacobs & Jacobs to represent me. I thought I could handle the aftermath on my own, but was feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by all of the paperwork and bills while trying to recover and manage my pain, along with working full-time during this pandemic.


Jacobs & Jacobs listened to me, asked the right questions, and made me feel understood and valued as their client–I felt confident that they would make sure my case was negotiated fairly and smoothly after that initial meeting.


Follow-up communication with them was consistently clear and timely, and they patiently answered any of my questions along the way. I would recommend Jacobs & Jacobs to anyone going through a similar personal injury incident.

– Chelsey


We truly mean it when we say, “We’ll take it from here!”


This was my first time needing an attorney for a car accident where my family and myself were rear ended. I reached out to Jacobs and Jacobs per my chiropractor, as they informed me the at fault party’s insurance was reluctant to accept responsibility and pay for the medical claims. As soon as I transferred everything over to Jacobs and Jacobs, I didn’t have to communicate with any other party and they handled all of the paperwork and negotiations. I highly recommend reaching out to this firm for help. They are responsive, well organized, and produce excellent results for their clients. They communicate well from beginning to end, and I just felt like I was so well taken care of. Natalie my paralegal checked in monthly and was available whenever I had questions, and Rich was great with negotiating the claim towards the end. There were others that were also fantastic, and I thank them too. They truly  lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders. They helped me navigate a stressful situation and for that I am grateful, and I will return to them if I’m ever in need for the service again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!! 1000/10 stars if I could. Thank you Jacobs and Jacobs!!!!

– Angela




Now with offices in Kent and Puyallup, our experienced attorneys are at the ready to help injury victims obtain compensation for their suffering. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can get you on the road to recovery and compensation.


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